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  • LOST PENSION BENEFITS: We can help you find lost or missing pension
    benefits. Often people have not kept previous employers informed when they change their address or if they get married and change their name. Many times people don’t even realise that pension benefits have been deferred for them when they left service. Many insurance companies have consolidated and merged with others, changing their names. If your pension provider seems to have disappeared or gone out of business, don’t despair we will try and help you find your lost pension and reunite you with your missing pension money.
  • DEFERRED PENSION BENEFITS: Are you claiming all your pension benefits? Think of all the employers you have had since you left school. Did you ever join a pension scheme whilst working there? Some pensions in the early days were non-contributory; it is possible that you have deferred pension benefits in a scheme even though you did not pay into it yourself. Make a list of all your past employers and find out if you were ever a member of their pension scheme. If you don’t know where to look, ‘we do’ so contact us if we can help.

If you need help to find pension benefits but you don’t know where to look or how to go about finding them, we can help. Part of the service we offer when reviewing your pension benefits is to help you get reunited with any lost or missing pension benefits.

To find your missing funds call our helpline without obligation Tel: 01604 588293. Or send us your contact details and we will get back to you at a time convenient for you Contact Us.

If you are widowed or recently bereaved and looking for your pension fund skip to
Widows Pension.