Widows Pension

Widowed or recently bereaved: Do you need help finding widows pension benefits that might have been due to your late husband or wife? As a spouse or partner any pension benefits that were deferred for them are very probably now due to you. Do you need help in tracing your widows benefits? Can we help you unravel the maze of pension rules and options in order that you can start to enjoy the income from those pensions that your loved one provided for both of you?

It may help you to know that we are an ‘all woman’ company. Statically it is our men that die first leaving us women to cope with the finances alone. We have a lot of experience and financial knowledge and can sympathise with your situation. You would be in safe hands so do contact us if you need help.

If you are infact a ‘widower’ a sympathetic voice on the end of the phone could brighten your day! Whether male or female it is important that you get the right help from the right people at this difficult time.

We are financial advisers that can deal with all aspects of financial advice including inheritance and succession planning; we do specialise in pensions and have advanced qualifications in the subject.

If you think there may be widows benefits for you, but you don’t know where to look or how to go about finding them, we can help.

To find your deceased partner’s funds call us without obligation Tel: 01604 588293. Or send us your contact details and we will get back to you at a time convenient for you Contact Us

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