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Welcome to The Pension House Company Limited. We are Independent Financial Advisers that specialise in pension advice.
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A little bit about us

The Pension House Company Limited was established and became authorised in 2013 to specifically provide advice in the area of pensions, we do of course offer advice on investments and life assurance too but pensions are our speciality.   

We provide advice to individuals, companies and organisations – whether that is one individual customer or a large organisation.

We are totally independent financial advisers based in Northampton offering full unrestricted advice.

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Pension assessment

This is where we carry out an assessment of your existing pension plan/s and forecast your benefits to retirement. We will then be able to advise whether you have sufficient savings to meet your needs.

Let's retire

Are you ready to start taking your pension benefits? We can help you to understand and consider all the options available to you at retirement and steer you through the process and help you choose the most suitable option.

Workplace pension

Struggling to attract and retain the right staff? Finding it hard to ‘talk pensions’ to your employees?
We can provide a scheme review and audit as well as helping you to communicate the pension scheme.

Get the right advice and direction

Your pension assets need to last you a lifetime. With so many retirement options choosing the right option can be a daunting task. It can also be financially harmful if you make the wrong choice because some options are irreversible. It is, therefore, vitally important you make the right choice. We make it our job to understand your needs, and direct you though the pension maze ensuring you make all the right choices.

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‘I’ve used Jane and The Pension House in Northampton for our corporate pension schemes ever since the business started. They give excellent advice, support and their recommendations have always been reliable and proven to be good
investments, in my opinion.

Where possible they have also saved us money on our renewal premiums for other insurances too. I can’t recommend their service enough, they are honest and straightforward in their approach, totally trustworthy. I’ve also
switched all my personal insurances to them as well.’

Richard Storey

Managing Director, Adam Equipment Company

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For the avoidance of doubt, The Pension House Company Ltd is not affiliated in any way to the company Pension House Exchange Ltd. Visit the page for more information.

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