Have you been made redundant?

Are you considering early retirement?

Or simply wish to reduce your working hours?


How do you know if you will have sufficient pension funds to meet any shortfall in income? And would your pension assets last a lifetime if you dipped into them early?

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At The Pension House we provide advice to individuals who are preparing for retirement and can help you to assess if you have sufficient assets to achieve your goals.  We can recommend solutions to help you meet your objectives.

We provide regulated advice on all types of pensions including:

  • Defined benefit and final salary style pension benefits
  • Occupational pensions (including those with “Safeguarded/Flexible Benefits”)
  • Personal pensions
  • Workplace and company pensions
How does the advice process work?

First of all, we meet to see if we can help you, the first meeting is provided free of charge if held at our office and if it is established that we can help you, our advice is provided in two stages:

Stage 1: We undertake an assessment of your pension affairs and this includes a forecast to gauge if you have sufficient assets to retire.  The assessment will demonstrate “where you are now” and if there is a shortfall in meeting your objectives.

Our fee for this is from £350 for an individual or £500 for couples with joint income/expenditure needs. These fees are subject to VAT.

Stage 2:  Following the assessment, you can choose to appoint The Pension House to provide a Stage 2 recommendation. Here we recommend a solution to enable you to meet your objectives.  Our fees for advice in this respect are quoted when we meet to discuss the assessment findings.  Often our fees can be deducted from a pension fund rather than charged to you directly.

You are not obliged to take up our stage 2 services.

If you are planning to retire call us today and have your pensions checked out.  We will have the kettle on!