See our Financial Adviser, Jane Stevens, ‘live’ on BBC:

The BBC programmers contacted us here at The Pension House to provide an Independent Expert View.  A gentleman had been declined by the NHS Pensions Department from accessing his pension early, on the grounds of ill health. Before the clip shown here was a piece of film about the gentleman’s predicament. He was age 52 and suffering from cancer. He was currently undergoing Chemotherapy.  Despite suffering from cancer he was not considered sick enough to claim his pension early.  There is also a clip of a spokesperson from NHS Pensions Department to say why he’s been declined.  Then the camera swings to us ‘live’ at our headquarters in Nobottle for our independent view – Enjoy!

When it comes to ill health and accessing pension benefits early there are guidelines provided to Trustees of pension schemes from the Government.  It can be possible to access your pension benefits early – and we have seen successful claims. But the illness needs to be such that you would permanently be unable to return to work due to ill health.

For those who are trying to access their pension benefits early due to ill health we would recommend taking Independent Financial Advice. Pensions are a minefield and often technical terminology confuses people.  Everyone’s circumstances are different and therefore the option that is most suitable for one person may not be suitable for another. If longevity is in question, discussion is needed around death benefits vs. income prior to death and the needs of any dependents.

A pension product is a vehicle to save for retirement to provide an income in the later years. The Government provides big take breaks for saving into a pension. Therefore, consumers are restricted on when they can access their pension benefits.

If you are suffering from ill health and are looking to access your pension benefits early then Contact Us today.