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We can help you make sense of their worth, explain the benefits and review the pension charges. We will also tell you if any improvements can be made.

During your working lifetime, you may have had numerous employers, and with each employer it is possible to have acquired pension benefits. You may have also saved into a private pension at home. It can be difficult to gauge what your pension benefits are worth at retirement simply because they are spread about.

At The Pension House we carry out a pension assessment where we forecast your benefits to retirement and advise whether you have sufficient savings to meet your expenditure needs.

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  1. What are my pensions worth?
  2. What will that provide as an income in retirement?
  3. Where is it invested? or even where is it? Who’s got it? Who’s looking after it – is anyone taking care of it? Could it be invested more wisely?
  4. What are the charges that are being deducted from your pension fund?
  5. Do you know if your pensions hold any valuable guarantees?  When must you access them? Or what must you do to ensure you capture the full benefit of them?

If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions, it would be in your interest to contact us.

We are pension specialists.
Talking Pensions: That’s What We Do.

It is important to regularly review your pensions to make sure they are working hard for you.

We charge fees for the work we do: our fee to carry out a pension assessment is £500 per person or £900 per couple.

Where the assessment includes Final Salary/Defined Benefit or Occupational pension plan/s the fee is increased to £1000 per person and this is due to the technical nature of the work.

If you are a couple who each have a Final Salary/Defined Benefit or Occupational pension plan/s our fee would be priced upon request.

No matter what state your pension history is in don’t worry, it’s more important that you do something about it and the sooner the better – you’ve made a good start by reading this page.

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Pension assessment

This is where we carry out an assessment of your existing pension plan/s and forecast your benefits to retirement. We will then be able to advise whether you have sufficient savings to meet your needs.

Let's retire

Are you ready to start taking your pension benefits? We can help you to understand and consider all the options available to you at retirement and steer you through the process and help you choose the most suitable option.

Workplace pension

Struggling to attract and retain the right staff? Finding it hard to ‘talk pensions’ to your employees?
We can provide a scheme review and audit as well as helping you to communicate the pension scheme.

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